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We are so thankful...

A photogenic thank you to Richard Lord, an internationally recognized documentary photographer. He has shared his photos with us; he also wrote & photographed the story about Change the World RVA that appeared in Response magazine.


A tasty thank you for the 50+ bakers who made over 3000 Christmas cookies for the 4th annual Christmas Cookie Walk.  We raised $2620.00!!


A warm & cozy thank you to Heather Craven and her family for providing a sleigh full of new bedding and blankets!  This will help our students stay warm this winter for sure!


A delicious thank you to Monique Johnson for serving us her secret spaghetti sauce, AND for joining us in a raucous game of "BS" afterwards!


A voluntary thank you to the 35 folks who showed up for Volunteer Night 2015. It's always so much fun for us to share our excitement about our students and our program with people who want to help.  (Elaine & SharQueena really like to share their success stories with folks, too!)  Thanks to Erika Schmale for organizing the event, and thanks to all of our speakers who shared their stories about supporting our students. And a bonus thank you to all of our new volunteer drivers!


A holiday shout out to the Christmas Mother Fund, The Community Foundation, and the Richmond Times Dispatch for making our holidays a little bit brighter this year!


A raucous and joyous thank you to The Life Church members who showed up Monday night to share fellowship and crazy good fun.  We hope you will come back again soon!


Thanks beyond thanks to Jean-Marie, John, and Courtney Hay for inviting us to their home for Thanksgiving dinner. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal with friends for the holidays. We can't wait.


An open and accepting thank you to the young people at ROSMY for selecting us as the nonprofit beneficiary of their GSA conference at Maggie Walker Governor's School on November 21.


A generous thank you to St. Michael's Episcopal Church and Bon Air United Methodist Church for including us in their alternative holiday gift giving programs.  St. Michael's Gifts from the Heart was last weekend, but you haven't missed Bon Air's Gifts of Hope on December 13th!  (Same time as the Cookie Walk!)


An artistic (which may be a bit of an exaggeration) thank you to St. Mary's Woods Retirement Community and Nan Pascal for allowing us to try our hand at creating Thanksgiving centerpieces for the residents' dining hall.  We had fun.  We hope the residents like them.


A seriously artistic thank you (no exaggeration here) to Laura Marr for all she does to make us look like a classy operation.


Yet more artistic thank you's to the oh-so-talented Cheyenne McQuilken and Dennis Winston for helping with what will be a very very very cool fund raiser for Change the World RVA.  Stay tuned for the great unveiling of our 4-year, line-a-day journal!


A caring thank you to all the community members -- Laura Harrison, the Contemporary Christians Sunday School class at Bon Air UMC, the Bon Air Youth, and Paula Squires -- who have sent care packages to our college students this year.  Boxes full of love.  And fluffy socks. What more could a student ask for?


A satisfied and well-nourished thanks to BJ Moss for stocking our food pantry, AGAIN!


A deeply breathed thank you to our beloved yoga instructor, Lori Speagle. Namaste.


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