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The Happy Dance Basket


Ms. May started this little tradition when she was a high school teacher long, long ago.  When a student does something that makes her do the "happy dance" -- ace a vocabulary test, share a great report card, submit a scholarship application, try Greek food, show an extraordinary kindness...whatever, they get to pick something out from the Happy Dance Basket. We are always looking for fun items to stock in the basket.  Below is a list of student favorites:


  • Ear buds

  • Date books

  • Phone chargers

  • Thumb drives

  • EOS lip balms

  • Art supplies (markers, watercolors, sketch pads)

  • School supplies, especially Sharpee marker sets

  • Body lotions

  • Make up (eye shadow palettes, mascara, fake eyelashes, brushes)

  • Journals

  • Sketch books (we have several talented artists)

  • Gift cards -- Target, Starbucks, WalMart, Victoria's Secret, Gamestop ($5 - $10)

  • Jewelry boxes

  • Water bottles

  • Pretty zipper cosmetic bags

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