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A Space of Our Own


Many of our students have never really had a space of their own, so creating a safe, cozy, and welcoming space for our students in one of our highest priorities.   We've called several United Methodist Churches around town "home," but we are happy to have found our "forever home" at Centenary United Methodist Church downtown. We'd love to have you join us and see our cool space!

This is the "after" picture of our student lounge.  This room also holds our food & hygiene pantry, clothing closet, and "Happy Dance Basket."  We are so proud to display two paintings by Richmond-born artist, Franklin White, including the one shown above.

This is a before picture of our student lounge.  Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to create this transformation.  We love our painters at Global Painting and our friends at Carpet Cuts.

The "before" picture of our Home Sweet Home!

Our entry hall is welcoming, and we look forward to welcoming our students and volunteers each week. When students arrive each Monday after school, we gather for a healthy snack, hot chocolate, and just some down time before the afternoon begins.

2019-08-24 14.22.28.jpg

Ta-da! We did it!  We created a cozy space that feels just like home.

2019-08-25 16.09.34.jpg

We have to thank the wonderful folks at Cobb Imprint for helping us create our newest space - the Student Study Lounge.  Our space is lovely, but with 10+ teenagers and various adult volunteers, it was often hard for our students and their tutors to find quiet study space.   We created the new space, with so much of their support, this summer (2019), and it is glorious.  And thanks, too, to the Innsbrook Rotary for helping us purchase a new laptop and a flatscreen TV for the space.

The big table is for family meetings and family-style dinners.  And we have a fun art space with all the supplies we could possibly need.

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