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In their own words -- Our Volunteers


"I had recently retired and wanted to help in the community. My church, Bon Air United Methodist, was planning a graduation party for students in the Richmond City Schools who normally would not have a party to celebrate their accomplishments. I decided to help with the party by contributing gift cards and other monetary support. From that experience, I was sold on these wonderful young adults. I decided to become more involved and am now a board member of CTWRVA. I support the students through transportation to schools, doctors' appointments, job interviews, and after school programs. I would encourage others to step up to the plate and experience a whole new world with some pretty awesome people!"

-- Sidna Gragnani, Volunteer & Board Member


"One day, as Mission Director for Bon Air United Methodist Church, I got a phone request for assistance with needs of students at a Richmond High School. These students struggled with unstable housing life situations. Soon I met Alia Butler, McKinney Vento social worker at Huguenot, Armstrong and Wythe high schools, and soon she had Natalie May mentoring Elaine Williams. And CTWRVA was born. Little did I know the beautiful impact this would have on my life, my family's life and so much more. Elaine Williams now has a home with us when she is not living at VCU as a junior Social Work Major. Our lives have been blessed and forever changed."

-- Rev. Larry O. Tingle, Host Dad and Board Member


"Serving as a board member of Change the World RVA has opened my eyes and heart to the Richmond community in a new way. I am touched by the circumstances of many of our homeless teens and inspired by their determination to succeed."

-- Paula Squires, Volunteer & Board Member


"The energy and dedication of the Change the World RVA volunteers in conjunction with the challenges that the students have to deal with (and yet exhibit such heartwarming attitudes) and yet do well in school motivates me to do whatever I can to help. Frankly, at this difficult time in my life, working with the students is comforting and inspirational to me in terms of how they handle adversity and setbacks.  Looking forward to increasing my involvement with these wonderful kids!"

-- Ed Fox, Volunteer Driver & all-around helpful guy

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