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Home is more than an address.  It’s love, security, and a  foundation to build better futures.


Here is a sneak peak at our business partners where you can find our kids' beautiful mailboxes, October 15 - 21.



3048 Stony Point Rd, Richmond, VA 23235 (Near Good Foods Grocery)


Monday               10AM–5:30PM

Tuesday               10AM–5:30PM

Wednesday        10AM–5:30PM

Thursday             10AM–5:30PM

Friday                   10AM–5:30PM

Saturday              10AM–5:30PM

Sunday                 Closed


Quilting Adventures

6943 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, VA 23228


Tuesday - Thursday - 10am - 8pm

Friday & Saturday - 10am - 6pm

Sunday - 12:00 - 5:00 pm

Closed Mondays

Bon Air United Methodist Church

1645 Buford Road, Richmond, VA 23235

Hours:  Doors are open Monday - Thursday until 9 pm

Mango Salon

123 Libbie Ave, Richmond, VA 

(804) 285-2800

Final Gravity Brewing Co.

6118 Lakeside Ave
Richmond, Virginia 23228

(804) 264-4808

Blue Bee Cider

1320 Summit Avenue (Scott's Addition)

Richmond, VA 23230

(804) 231-0280 

Historic Hofheimer Building

2818 West Broad St. (Scott's Addition)

Richmond, VA 23230

(804) 342-0012

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
2408-2410 Ownby Ln.
Richmond, VA 23220

(804) 420-2420

Family Chiropractic Center of Richmond

115 Broad St Rd.

Manakin Sabot, VA

(804) 784-0161

Address Change!

The Address Change campaign consists of twelve mailboxes hand painted by Change the World RVA students and volunteers,


The mailboxes have been placed at businesses throughout the Richmond region and monetary donations will be accepted at the mailbox locations as well as online.  




Donations may also be mailed to

Change the World RVA
PO Box 3562
Richmond, VA 23235


Change the World RVA’s co-founder and director, Natalie May stated, "We are blessed to work with the most remarkable young people. Each wants to succeed in school and life, and with just a little support from our community, they do just that.  It really doesn’t take a lot on our part — a phone, a few bus passes, help with an emergency rent payment, a new pair of glasses, a college text book — but it can change everything.  Address Change will allow us to continue to foster this amazing community of peers and adults and to alter the trajectory for some really stellar students.” 

Please poke around this web site to see all the great things our students are accomplishing and the creative, youth-affirming work we are doing, thanks to your support.  

Thank you so much!

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